Premier Tutoring with Certified, Native Speakers

English Language Services offers on-site or off-site, one-on-one private instruction. Choose from one of the following programs.

IELTS and Academic English Preparation

Upper-intermediate students improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to approach the IELTS examination with confidence and mastery.

General English for Adults and Children

Beginner and intermediate students learn to confidently communicate and comprehend, using our trusted, structured curriculum.

Personalized English Plans

Our tutors help you create and implement a specialized plan designed to achieve your own personal goals.

Whatever your academic or career aspirations, let English Language Services by a.tə.ş help you excel in speaking English!

6 thoughts on “English Language Services (EN)

    1. Hello Nargiz. Our new location is across from Metropol restaurant near Elmler Metro. Our office will open October 1, and we will post a map and more information on our website soon. The phone number has stayed the same, but we are not yet open to receive calls. Please try again after September 25.


    1. Conversation clubs are currently scheduled for Tuesdays at 5pm. We are still working to begin another club on Saturday afternoons. Please check Instagram (ateshkurs) or contact our office next week to learn more. You can WhatsApp or call 050-457-3281 to reach our office. Thank you! We hope to see you at a.tə.ş!


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